TK Academy

TK Reefer services has enhanced and expanded its comprehensive container refrigeration service technician training program, newly named TK academy, to reflect its high standard of excellence.

Container Training

Two levels of container training certification can be obtained


Associate level training is intended for entry level employees with 0 to 1 year of experience in the transport refrigeration industry. It provides a base of knowledge required to understand:
a) The fundamentals of refrigeration and heat transfer
b) Basic electrical circuits and common electrical components
c) How TK Reefer container refrigerated units operate
d) How to change various operating parameters
e) How to ensure a TK Reefer container refrigerated unit is ready to be put into service


Technician level training is intended for employees with 1 or more years of experience servicing transport refrigeration equipment. The technician training goes beyond theory to provide hands-on troubleshooting and performance based assessments. Additional topics include:

  • Software, configuration and data download
  • Electrical and refrigeration troubleshooting techniques